Who We Are

Who We Are

Rosscraft has a mobile polyhedron organizational plan, which means that any individual may from time to time find him or herself in a special leadership position.
Both the Sales and Service and the Research and Development Division operate under a polyhedron organizational plan. This encourages friends and colleagues to give  leadership and work in  allied creative units. The work groups or “troikas” are  usually but not necessarily groups of three.  This enables colleagues to apprentice themselves with one another, enjoy the camaraderie and contribute to the mission of the companies. Thus we bond with many individual scientists and health professionals concerned with growth, exercise, performance and nutrition.  Any individual may be the leader of a company initiative that is coordinated by the CEO, Scientific Director or President as follows:

  • Dr. William D Ross, Founder of Rosscraft. “Bill” will no longer be concerned with day-to-day sales or marketing details. He will remain the scientific director and advisor of a greatly expanded Research and Development Division. He expertise will continue to guide Rosscraft with the following;
  1. Products (design of instruments, manufacturing, software and automation),
  2. Publications (digital and hard copy multi-lingual learning  materials, course construction, and multimedia systems)
  3. Projects (cooperative research and development ventures).
  • Mary Ross, as will Bill will remain in an advisory role of Rosscraft Innovations and Turnpike Electronics Publications Inc, a US based corporation.
  • James Allen, President / CEO brings 30+ years of businesses management and sales experience to Rosscraft. A former competitive hockey player, James will tend to the growth, development and day-to-day management of Rosscraft Innovations. His visions is to continue to be an evangelist for the Rosscraft precision instruments. 
  • Laurie (Ross) Allen, Vice President offers decades of Sales, marketing and advertising experience. Laurie, a former competitive figure skater will assist in the growth and development and head up the marketing efforts.  
  • Together James and Laurie Allen will continue the family legacy and vision of providing and developing precision instruments and learning materials for assessing human physique and monitoring change with growth, exercise and nutrition. 

The Board

Our associates whose background and demonstrated power of accomplishment is reflected in their commitment to the company and its mission. Together they hold 20+ university degrees and various honor awards and citations.

  • There are a varying number (about 40) FORs Friends of Rosscraft– scholars, scientists, artists and artisans – and health, fitness, sport, education, and lifestyle enhancement professionals and individuals associated with agencies, companies, or organizations.

FORs may or may not be under contract for profit sharing or royalties. All are commissioned by the Board represented by the CEO under mutual non disclosure agreements.

Innovation by Design

Ross Machine Inc headed by Brian W Ross, a third generation machinist who specializes in custom machining for Rosscraft and other innovative companies.

    • Marinaside Publications headed by Dr Robin Carr who is an author and advocate of problem-solving curricula, digital learning and videography.
    •  Scipertek headed Curtis Brackenbury is an International, multidisciplinary company providing innovative solutions to maximize human performance and optimize intra-team relationships for both genders of all ages and levels of performance.