Anthropometric Tape

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Anthropometric tape is a steel flexible tape with a filed notch and patch zero indicator to provide a better reading interface than a single zero line since the interface has no area.  The notch helps orient the tape and align on the interface.  

Technical note: in the preferred technique, the tape is always held in right hand by digits 4 and 5; digits 1 and 2 are the snubbers; digit 3 for pinning, leveling or and adjusting tape perpendicular to the long axis.
The scale on the obverse side is a diameter scale, the increments enlarge by 3.14... times the incremental circumference or linear scale values, e.g., 30.0 cm circumference girth is about 9.5 cm in diameter. The diameter scale has no apparent use in anthropometry as it has in the forest industry for assessing diameters of tree trunks and rolls of paper.

  • Dimensions - LWH 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 5/8"  1.3 Ounces