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The Slim Guide skinfold caliper is an inexpensive alternative to the Harpenden caliper. It yields approximately similar results and its rugged ABS plastic construction, with high quality springs, guarantees a long life of usage. In the hands of a trained anthropometrist, skinfold calipers percent technical errors of measurement for a single replication as low as 5% depending on training and technique.
Rosscraft markets both calipers. The Rosscraft Slim Guide calipers are black with a silver scale. It is also available in white with a black scale. They have a similar dynamic action to calipers costing over fifteen times as much.  Made from high impact ABS plastic, the Slim Guide can be dropped without damage.  It is so indestructible we can ship in a manila envelope with no extra padding. The scale of 0 to 85 mm is especially useful in assessing skinfolds at the upper ranges, that are not accommodated by most other calipers.  Accuracy may be interpolated to 0.5 mm. There are grants for quantity purchase of Slim Guides for courses and projects.

  • Dimensions - LWH 10 3/4" x 9 3/4" x 1"  4.8 Ounces