Segmometer 4

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Segmometer 4 for measuring lengths evolved from a prototype retractable carpenter or engineer’s tape for use in Nigeria by Dr. Linda Blade.  We affixed cotter-pin pointers with rubber bands and 5-minute epoxy glue. We found that the rustic instrument was as good or better than the classical anthropometer for obtaining projected heights and direct segmental lengths.  Another prototype was designed in Australia by the University of Western Australia and used in the Kinanthropometric Aquatic Sports Project.  The Rosscraft models dispense with the housing using only a flexible tape, with precision machined base and slider indicators. Replicated measures in certification courses using the Rosscraft segmometer sets a new standard for precision. 

Technical note: Care must be taken to wind the tape with the convex side in the inside of the coil, winding against the convex side may cause crimping. All new models with a flat base plate are read from the near edge of the slider for both direct and projected measures.

  • Dimensions - LWH 5" x 4 1/8" x 2"  3.5 Ounces